About us

In Nebben we design, we manufacture and market true works of art. Our Hookahs are high-tech products, premium quality and a unique and timeless design. An exclusive and pleasant experience for the most select clients.


Our technological know-how is the result of an alliance with different companies already well established in the market and having dedicated several years of Research & Development.


The design is the result of a demanding business philosophy, supervised by seasoned professionals and constituting a multidisciplinary team capable of creating true works of art.

Premium experience

NEBBEN's goal is to offer consumers an intense experience. We work with the aim of bringing complete satisfaction to our customers by taking care of the smallest details.


Nebbula +


It is a lovely jewel of a compact size, ideal for all types of client and occasions.

Nebbula PRO

It is an exuberant work of art, for the most demanding clients, who require greater benefits.


Beneficate from biodegradable pods, with a clean consumption, without carbon, without nicotine, completely safe and legal for indoor use, avoiding burns to clients, furniture and fire risk.


Fast and easy, this is our pods system. No need for technical knowledge.


Our capsules are delivered sealed and closed, guaranteeing maximum hygiene and safety.


Save time, money and resources, our innovation is designed to generate profits in professional use. Inventory control, no intermediaries and perfectly controlled costs.

Coming soon:
Discover our application

With the app you can control and manage your Hookah’s
and make purchases of all our products.


The exciting sensuality of design is felt by admiring the simplicity of its curves and the luxury of its finishes, making it a unique, timeless and desired piece. A new concept, handmade with great zeal, by the best European professionals.


Go beyond the commonly known limits is the result of a powerfully intelligent system, which allows total management of the device. You will live an exclusive and captivating experience.

Our customers

We serve the needs of both professionals, B2B, and in particular, B2C. The difference between them is the price and conditions that depend on the volume of purchase.

Contact us for great business

Contact us for great business of exclusive distributions, or for associations, collaborations and co-branding if it belongs to the HORECA channel.